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We are just two guys with a kindred sprit for solving problems with a basic, logical approach. That and a bottle of Casa Amigos will go a long way to solving all the world’s problems.

Frank is originally from Philadelphia and Josh is from Ohio; so they both know what cold weather is like. So, when one of Franks daughters complained about being so cold while snow boarding, he started to think about how to solve that problem. Meanwhile, back in Ohio, Josh’s “girl friend” had the same issue when he sent her outside to shovel the driveway. She returned 2 hours later complaining that the snow had entered the area between her long underwear and her socks caused her to come back inside to warm up. Josh immediately saw an opportunity for improvement, and duck taped the region between her sock and her long underwear. Not letting a chance for acquiring data to slip though his hand, Josh sent her back out into the snowstorm to shovel the neighbors driveway to wear test his new creation. The result was fantastic as his friend spent an additional hour in the cold, and did not suffer any reoccurrence of the cold.

Josh immediately knew he was onto something special, but he had the issue of how to monetize this product? You couldn’t exactly sell a base layer, duck taped to a sock. He decided to call his friend Frank (the Sockologist) to brainstorm how to combo-knit the sock and long john in one piece. After months of research and trials, they hit upon the right combination of yarn, machine and structure. Long Jaynes was born.

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